Altered Natives

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This website Is Dedicated To Anyone Who Was Involved In Creating An Alternative For Themselves, Despite The Bullshit That 'fatsuits' Put In Their Way.
*To The Friends Who Are No Longer As Close As They Should Be.
*For John (Unni) And Ade, Drummer & Bass Player Respectively Of Corrosive Youth, Stan (The Man), Glen, Sue D., Brian, Maggie, Eileen, Annie, Michael, Pip, Sid, Agnes, Elenor, Phyllis, Mr. Rollisson, Ms. Greenwood, Mr. & Mrs. Adnett, Mr. Hibberd, Mr. H., Lucy's Mum, Ian, Little Ariane, Mrs. Watson And All Other Loved Ones Who Sadly Did Not Live To See The Release Of This CD.
THANKS to all the band's member's parents for putting up with "the hair and the attitude", brothers and sisters for being there, to friends and anyone that was interested or had faith in the band: The following is a list of some of the many, cheers to all! Dave (4 YEARS OF PLAGIARISM), Harpo (CORROSIVE YOUTH), Sharon, Joe, Caron & Pete,*Alex, Pete, Andy H. and Brassneck (MYSTYX), Jacquie, Laurie, Corrine, Donna, Katie, Makiko, Mary, Makiko, Jimmy & Isabel, Elaine, Edna, Eric & Sue, Scott, Jenny, Mary B., Dek, Marie, Ken, Julie, Terrance, Aunt Vi, Kath, Joanne, Carmen, Harry & Brenda, Lucy, John & Barbara, Brian & Sarah, Mr. & Mrs. Evans, Jack & Lucy, Mrs. Rollisson, Drac's Daughter/Joanne, John, Cheryl & Debbie, Steve, Mr. Watson, Lorraine, Martin & Diane (PICCADILLY RECORDS), Lois, Helen, Gary, Grinner, Ali & Rolo,*Paul, Phil, Gayle, Chaney and Ann-Marie (LIFE ON EARTH), Spud, Rollo, Kenna and Jamie (DESTRUCTION/VIGILANTE), Sue, Nigel, Brian, Fiona,*Chris (C.N.R.), Bonehead/Steve Jones (ENIGMA), Kath & Splodge, Carol R., Carol, David, Douglas,*Jai, Jenny, Cheryl (PROPER TEA GAMES), Kevin Seisey,
Alison & Heather,*Mandy, Sue (SUMMERHOUSE/COPING WITH KEVIN/SKOL BANDELEROS), Helen, Russel, Erika, Madelaine, Paul, Arthur (HOLY NEWTS/PLASTIC GUITARS) Tim & Smally,*Stuart (PARANOIDS/RESERVOIR JONES),*Diane, Howie, Ged, Paddie, Stuart, Bobbie (ALIEN TINT), Sharon,*Lockie, Les Osmosis, Jamie (SECURITY FORCE), Alex & Martin (The CZARS), Eric (LAST STAND etc.), Mick Bladder & Chris, Fred/Ian, Andy Levy, Phil 'lendusaquid' (BLADDER x3), Mick & Jennifer, Glenda & Tina, Mary, Chris & Jenni, Steve Enigma & Randee, John Bond, Roz, Dave/Benny, Ms. Brown, Dave O'Brien, Gary, kevin F.,*John Gooding, Malcolm O'Brien, Mike, Colin, Jean, Christine, Peggy, Evonne and all the patients at REDCROFT,*Briece & Shanade, Bod, Swanny, (BLACKPOOL), Dicky, Kath, Woody & Monty,*Mike, Brennan (X-CERTS), Stephen, Paul, Debra,*Nigel (FRENCH LETTERS/BELL-ENDS)
Mary S., Angi, Ann & Bill, Andrew, Gillie, Claire, Wendy & Kerry, Anita, Ollie, Helen, Des & June, Clive & Tony F., Glen & Dean, Andy Boswell & Dave Telford, Jack & Jim (transport), Spike, Charlotte & Julie, Kevin (King mod), Debbie C., Ashley, Vicky, Michelle &*Mark (PRIVATE SECTOR), Denise, Lorraine & Wednesday, Irene, Roy & Judy, Telford, Neil, Dave the Hat, Simon, Shona & Sue, Fiona, Paula, Alison, Kerri, Martyn & Gill, Sue, Simon & Lora, Dave Stretch & Pat, John (R.A.F.), Stephen (Keyboardist), Tony C., Colin Davis, Tony (London),*Spon (U.K. DECAY), Henry Rollins (BLACK FLAG/S.S.T.), Briyan Gregory (The CRAMPS), Big Barry, Barry & Julie (transport),*Cam (SEX-GANG CHILDREN), Dot & Ian (The M.A./BAKER'S VAULTS), Dave Laing & Caroline, Belinda, Rob (Levy's brother) & Margaret, Bill & Vicky, Louis Savy & John (RAT RACE PROMOTIONS/RED DOOR RECORDS), Terry Murphy (The BRIDGEHOUSE), Phil Mills & Mog/Dave (The LEADMILL), Shelly (HAZEL GROVE YOUTH CLUB), Caroline Hickman (SHEFFIELD UNI.), Norman & Len (BLOOD CLUB/ANNABELS), Alan & Martin (The RED LION), John & Phil (SMUGGLERS), Dave, Andy, Liefy (The EVICTED/DAVE E. & THE CROQUETTES/MARQUIS DE SADE), Chris 'Eve Slag' & *Andy (OVERDOSE), Trevor & Janet, Sandy Gort (writer & promoter), Dave Cheetham, Nick Toczek (NATURAL DISASTERS/ASSASSINATION CLUB), Ginger John (poet),*John H., Ian, Alf/Alan, Joe & Chris (The SYSTEM), Clive (CHAPTER ONE), Andy Bingly, *Tez/Neil (XPOZEZ & RETALIATION DIST.), Jean, John & Dorothy, John the Duke & Angela, Margaret, Janet & Dorothy, Jim & Betty, Karen & Julie, Sammy & Vera, Pete & Paula, Billy, *Joe & Geoff, Herbert, Ray, Bob & Bill (Baileys), *Adam & Kim, John (STUDIO LUSTRETTE/OUT OF THE BLUE), Martin (PARISH BOWMAN), Trevor & Pat (REAL TO REEL), Lol Cooper (CAVALIER STUDIOS),
Janice (PRESSURE/SA' WHAT?) & Peter, Andy Char, Simon & Debbie, Clint, Bar, Krun, Caroline, Evonne,*Clifford & Daks/Simon, (FRENCH LETTERS), B.G. RECORDS, GORDONS, Enoch, Spenner, Glynn (Sid Septic) Miller, Dave & Alan Jones, Dotty Epidermis & Liz, *Dave Ed, Ed, Pete the Bear, Jacko (ZANATHUS/SAFARI PARTY/OUT OF TOWN fanzine), Picker & Denise, Dave Kelly, Pete Ryan & The STOCKPORT PUNX,*Mike Finney, Steve Perrin, Adrian, Pip, (DISTRACTIONS/MAGNIFICENT 7), Andy Zero (CITY FUN), Carl (PONDOROSA GLEE BOYS/ALWAYS THE NOW), X.O.DUS, Joe, Wes, Gary (VICTIM), Tina & Mike (HOAX/VICTIM/SMITHS), Ibex/Ian, John, Andy, Symon, (PATROL/STONE ROSES), Pete Garner, POORS OF REIGN, Ian Morris (The SMIRKS), Dave Luty, Geoff (The CHEATERS), Mackie/Neil (BLITZ), Muppet (ARMED FORCE/The BRIGADE), Gary (DEFECTS), Roi (LAST RESORT/4- SKINS), Ian & Duncan (CAIN/The SENATORS/JEEP), Ann & Reggie, Kathleen & John, Patricia & Robert, Brenda & Steve, Soren & Jacob, Mons & Elina, Alan K., John & Kevin, Paul & Kaoru, Mark & Danielle, Patrick, John & Sarah, Andy & Michiko, Barry, Toshie & Miyuki, Jackie & Akira, Siv, Maggie S., Sally, Jerry L.T., Mei, Sari & Eiichi, Satoe & Hiromi, Keiko, Nobuko & Yahav (J.I. INTERNATIONAL), Svika (FREESTYLE), Kazuo & Takako, Norie-chan & Shin-chan, Sandy/Sayuri, Sadyoshi, Toshi, Osamu & Tomoki,
*Ari, Hiroki, Takako, Minako, Amane, Makoto, Yukie, Kumi, Masayo & Junko (J.I. International), Takio & Yamato, Kazuo (T-BO), Koji, Tatsuya & Osamu, Yasu and all staff at J.H.S's, Sachiko, Zen and all at A&S, Naoki (Senshu), Kinta & Fumiko, Kita & Toshi, Takashi & Shino, Toshiko, Koko, Etsuko, Miki & Makoto, Yukie, Masamune, Tami & Hiroyoshi, Yoshie & Momoko, Masako & Kazunari, Riko, Kiyoshi (GREAT 3) & Eri, Mari, Masumi, Reiko & Shin, Kyoko, Kumi & Koji, Komi, Miki, Akira & Keiko, Miki & Ken, Niwa & Nemoto san tachi, Atsuko, Risa, Sari, Satoko & Toru, Mai & Reo, *Ikuko Yoshisato, Masumi Kishi, Chiho Kakizaka, Yoko Ueno (ZEUS), Freddie & Kazue, Claes & Kazumi, Darian & Masako, Jacques, Barney, Mike Charap, Glyn Senior, Yukiko, Hideko & Katsumi, Kumiko & Yoshimi, Yurie & Yukiko, Keiko & Shunnosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Teiko, Masami & Keiko, Chieko, Eiko & Hifumi, Kazuko, Manae & Mitsuharu, Shinji, Yuji & Hana, Mariko and all at Sunrise Gaigo, Ed's BRIGHTON brigade.

John Peel (over the years for being a life-raft in a sea of blandness), all the bands that help to make music (and life!) that little bit more interesting.

The young who will indeed inherit the earth (or what's left of it!), Saul, Jack, Jim & Katya, Belle, Yocchi & Elaine, Ana, Mia, Alicia & Joseph, Owen & Jake, Alex, James & Emma Alice, Aleksander, Natasha & Amy, Eloise & McClean, Alex, Lia & Issac, Kat & Mack, Lee & Dean, Nathan, Luca & ( ), Marie & Nicola, Rose, Jade & Fay, Elise, Gaia, Sam & Joe, Nicholas & Joanne, Haily, Nicola, Tracy & Jacqueline, Zoe & Kristofer, Natasha, Johnathan & Alison, Stephanie, Donna & Dean, Jenny, Claire & Laura, Rebecca, Amy & Ryan, Paul, Victoria & Tanner, Mimia, Ai & Shin, Ben, Erin-Elaine, Russel, Peter & Cathy, Beth, George, Ryoko, Sara, Monica & Leon, Lilly & Rei, Yota, Shuto & Kota, Yuji, Yuma, Manami & Mizuki, Mia, Alicia & Joe, Kaori AND of course anyone we might have missed. ALSO for ANDY/BRASSNECK, wherever you are.

TO THE FUTURE - Bands that continue to carry the torch: BLADDER x3 (Mick, Alex, Sterling and Brian), BABEL TREE (Ben, Mano, John) and RESERVOIR JONES (Stuart, Marek, Kev). Also, a special mention for Thorsten Wolff at HIGH SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL Records for his help and advice.

Regarding George Gimarc's PUNK & POSTPUNK DIARIES:
For anyone who has ever played in a group, ran a fanzine or been a fan of 'alternative' music and respects the ideals that punk originally was meant to represent, PUNK DIARY is an unbiased, balanced book full of the sort of (historical) information that anyone who was influenced by the Pistols and their ilk will be able to appreciate.

Remember a time when PUNK was an attitude rather than a particular musical sound? Now, when there are so many genres and sub-genres i.e. hardcore, speedcore, pop punk, gothic, street punk, Oi, ska punk, grunge, Indie etc. etc. Well, CURSE and SILENT PRAYER were bands that didn't want to be held in by bounderies about what and how they should act and sound. Punk was the motivation but influences came from a variety of sources.
Live they could be good, sometimes they were bad, and on occasion they were bloody awful but at least they were always true to themselves. Punk was and always will be about a state of mind - not by how many studs you have in your jacket or how many colors you have in your hair. Nowadays, when 'fashion', 'product' and 'celebrity'mean everything and people don't look beyond their particular 'genre' of choice it's important to remember the good bands from the past. "Retro Hippies! Positive Punk! Going Full Circle Now A Load Of Gunk!!!!!! Never Judge A Book By Its cover." Have you noticed how one generation's rebels become the next generation's icons?

Oppose discrimination, prejudice, racism, sexism, ageism, religious persecution, jingoism, ethic cleansing, female circumcision/mutilation, child abuse/labor, animal testing and cruelty of any kind. If you feel strongly about something, i.e. Women's Issues, Gay and Lesbian Rights, the Environment etc. - GET INVOLVED! - The Truth Is The Only Law!

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