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Curse, Silent Prayer - Manchester

AUTUMN 1984 finds CURSE again playing NEW MERLINS CAVE in LONDON. SPON, guitarist with U.K. DECAY/IN EXCELSIS comes to the gig. While in LONDON the band have some publicity photos taken and visit RED DOOR RECORDS to discuss a possible single. Shortly after returning to MANCHESTER, EDDIE suddenly leaves the band due to personal problems. Everyone is taken totally by surprise by his departure as it happens during a successful period for the band. With EDDIE being one of the founder members his departure leaves JIM and BEN in a state of some confusion.

Gigs that have to be cancelled include DE VILLE'S, The VENUE (near the HACIENDA), the Gay club HERO'S, RAFTERS, BERLINS and The PORTLAND BARS (near PICCADILLY RADIO), BAND ON THE WALL, JILLY'S (ex-FAGINS), RAFTERS and a benefit being arranged at the POLY's CAVENDISH HOUSE.

Former CORROSIVE YOUTH drummer UNNI/JOHN from URMSTON comes in on drums to replace EDDIE after an invite from HARPO, C. YOUTH's former vocalist.

Curse, Silent Prayer - Manchester

Wanting a name change CURSE initially start referring to themselves as VOICE VENDETTA but this changes to SILENT PRAYER after a few gigs.

FRI. DEC. 7, 1984 : VOICE VENDETTA play the first of a two day BENEFIT in aid of SAVE THE CHILDREN and The ETHIOPIAN FAMINE RELIEF FUND at The GALLERY in MANCHESTER. Some of the many bands include The CHAMELEONS, The MACC LADS, GORDON THE MORON, MIKE SWEENEY & The SALFORD JETS, JAYNE COUNTY, SA' WHAT (ex-PRESSURE), The BRIGADE (ex-ARMED FORCE) and The MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (MIKE FINNEY, ex-vocalist of The DISTRACTIONS) to name but a few. The gig is the idea of SANDY GORT, a local promoter, journalist and manager of STREET CREDIBILITY/The IGNITION and The MACC LADS. This is UNNI's first gig drumming with the band.

(6) JAN. 20, 1985 : REAL TO REEL STUDIO in MACCLESFIELD for the recording of the sixth demo. The tape is mixed on the 22nd. Songs recorded are CHRYSALIS, MRS. NARCISSIS, THE EMPEROR'S OLD CLOTHES (WEAR IT WELL) and THE SANDS OF IWO JIMA. There's some talk of forming an Independent record label with possible names being CHEW THE FLAP or HED FUCT.

SAT. MARCH 2, 1985 : SILENT PRAYER play BLACKPOOL BIER-KELLER with SEX GANG CHILDREN. They discover that CAM, an old friend is now playing bass for SEX GANG or ANDI SEX-GANG & The QUICK GAS GANG as they will soon become.

UNNI, after only two gigs leaves to go and work on the island of JERSEY so BRASSNECK/ANDY (ex-MYSTYX), a longtime friend of the band is brought in on drums to replace him.

MON. MAY 27, 1985 sees the band's name on the posters changed to SILENT PRAYER and booked to play The GALLERY in MANCHESTER with RETALIATE and DEAD HEROES. Then just a few days beforehand all 'punk' gigs are abruptly cancelled after the BROKEN BONES (ex-DISCHARGE) gig on the 13th when the toilets are trashed. In any event, SILENT PRAYER would probably have had to have pulled out as the band were between drummers.

TUES. OCT. 22, 1985 sees SILENT PRAYER play The BOAR'S HEAD on STOCKPORT market with ZANATHUS (who have STUART from The PARANOIDS playing 2nd guitar) and the poet/ranter GINGER JOHN. This is BRASSNECK's first gig on drums with the band.

(7) NOV. 2, 1985 : LOL COOPER's 16-track CAVALIER STUDIOS in Stockport is the location for the last studio recording of SILENT PRAYER where they record two songs, SILENT PRAYER and SHIVA. BEN surprises everyone with his vocal range. The tape is mixed on the 10th. Several other studios which are considered at the time include WATERLOO, HOLOGRAM and CARGO in ROCHDALE.

MON. JAN. 13, 1986: The INTERNATIONAL in MANCHESTER. SILENT PRAYER play this gig with several bands including VEE V VEE, COPING WITH KEVIN with Sue (ex-SUMMERHOUSE/SKOL BANDELEROS) and The MEMBRANES with JOHN ROBB (future author of The STONES ROSES biography).

SAT. JAN. 25, 1986: The GALLERY in MANCHESTER is the venue for what turns out to be SILENT PRAYER's final gig supporting AUSGANG who fail to appear. PAUL G (LIFE ON EARTH) and DAVE (4 YEARS OF PLAGIARISM) join the band on stage and help create the 'discordant mayhem' that causes the set to end in chaos and some frustration. Onlookers include GAYLE (LIFE ON EARTH), MACKIE (ex-BLITZ) and assorted MYSTYX, VIGILANTE and other friends of the band. Due to the disarray at this gig possible support slots at The RITZ, BOARDWALK, and The BANSHEE are not followed up on.

In FEBRUARY of 1986 the band decide to take a bit of a break as a couple of them want to do some travelling. IT TURNS INTO A LONG BREAK...............

THURS. APRIL 2, 1998 sees the rapidly deteriorating Two-track Masters tranferred to DAT by GRANT LYONS at CHURCH ROAD STUDIOS in BRIGHTON. Sadly, the original Multi-track Master reels that would have made remixing and re-recording possible are lost.

FRI. APRIL 3, 1998 sees selected tracks from the DAT mastered onto CD by PAUL MEX at MEX ONE RECORDING in BRIGHTON.

DEC. 1998 sees a 20-track retrospective CD of CURSE and SILENT PRAYER's material with a 24-page booklet released on ALTERED NATIVES ALTERNATIVES RECORDS in the STATES.

JAN. 1999 sees the CURSE and SILENT PRAYER Retrospective CD made available in the UK, JAPAN, GERMANY and other areas.

SEPT. 2000 sees the launch of the official ALTERED NATIVES ALTERNATIVES website designed by the well-known Japanese graphic designer YAMASHIN after the initial design by JOHN HARRISON in late 1998. ALEX CHILTON and JOHN A. GORDON also deserve a mention for the help and advice they gave during the making of the website.

SEPT. 2006 sees the ALTERED NATIVES ALTERNATIVES site revamped and updated by the multi-talented STERLING PARAMOUR in L.A.
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